Operating Hours:
Monday: 7am-5pm
Tuesday: 7am-5pm
Wednesday: 7am-5pm
Thursday: 7am-5pm
Friday: 7am-5pm
Saturday: 7am-12pm
Sunday: Closed
221 Bushkill Street, Stockertown, PA | 610-759-7998

Secretary P.J. aka "Papa John"
When you call, Papa is in the house!

Office Manager Abby Einfalt aka "The Blonde"
Do we buy rusty metal?? yeah she is a blonde, but keeps the office running on point!!

Supervisor Lewis Einfalt aka "Denny Jr."
Keeps the guys busy and the scrap rolling in...and slowly morphing into a Denny clone!! not another!!

Scale Attendant Kathy aka "Unkown"
Still trying to figure it all out :)

Non-Ferrous Metals Manager Randy aka "Rosedale"
Legend states he has been known to know the difference between metals by smelling them, and sometimes tasting them..weird

Ferrous Metals Manager Glenn aka "Big Glenny"
Glenn is the one of the original JYD's. Gets as dirty as one too. Sometimes he's head to toe grease even before the sun is up!!! loves to talk about the good ol days too!!

Mechanic Terry aka "The Chief"
Mr. "Fix it All" has been known to rebuild engines in his sleep. Terry will fix it!!! Okey Dokey?

Mechanic Russ aka "Uncle Russell"
The ball buster. When he's not breaking balls, he keeps the trucks rollin!!! ..and everything else in between. Thats not gonna work.

Drivers Glenn AKA "The Story Teller"
He's been from the north pole to the south and everywhere in between. Legend has it he even delivered a load to the moon.

Drivers Brendan AKA "Billy Big Rigger"
Looks like he's 12 and the only word in his vocabulary is "sweet!" Most kids his age dream of the ladies but Billy dreams of Dodge Cummins. Go Figure!

Drivers Dave AKA "The Deer Hunter"
#1 driver only knows one way to drive...hammer down!!! And yeah Santa always knows if you are naughty or nice.