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221 Bushkill Street, Stockertown, PA | 610-759-7998

Over 50 years ago, the son of an Austrian immigrant, Dennis Charles Einfalt returned home from over seas serving his country as a K-9 dog handler in places like Panama and Korea.   Once back home,   Dennis worked a few jobs from construction to doing repair & body work in racing legend Al Lequasto’s garage.  However, Dennis aspired to being in business for himself and started his own trucking business and later a body shop & repair business in 1969.
Denny went on to have various body shops & repair shops in the area before buying a gas station & repair shop in Bath, PA.  He then began to offer towing services for repairs while still doing trucking over the road all over the east coast.  However, a horrific fire to his families home, which he lost everything personally to him, and his family, but luckily no one was injured.  Denny chose to sell the gas station & repair shop and relocated to East Lawn in Nazareth, PA.

Denny then opened a body & repair shop in East Lawn (currently Huston’s) near his family’s new home.  As Dennis’s business began to grow, he needed the room to grow and expand with the increased demand for tractor trailer body repair work.  Dennis then bought the garage where Einfalt Recycling & Salvage currently is located.

After some time, the yard next to the garage became available to buy and Denny purchased it and after some time then sold the shop on East Lawn and moved everything to the Stockertown shop.  When he purchased the yard, it was just a car & truck parts yard.  Denny then began to sell car & truck parts while continuing his body work & repair, towing, trucking.  As the yard’s automobiles became stripped out of parts and to make room for new he purchased an old Al-Jon car crusher to prepare the cars for shredders while selling the bad engines and axles to various local scrap yards.  Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. was the founded.
As the demand for scrap metal began to grow in the mid 1980’s, because of the governments efforts to clean up America and make her beautiful, Einfalt Recycling & Salvage grew with it.  One of these was many municipalities forcing many land owners to clean up large quantities of scrap autos from their lands.  Denny then put together a crew of guys and added a modern MAC car crusher and fleet of machines and began going property to property cleaning up the scrap autos.  It wasn’t before long, establishing himself and Einfalt Recycling & salvage , Inc. as an honest and trusted yard to bring metals to for recycling, Einfalt installed the first of many truck scales to make in and out weighing smooth and efficient.  Einfalt Recycling and Salvage, Inc. then moved forward and began to be one of the top buyers of ferrous metals in the area with competitive pricing and first class service.  However to be on the same level as the other yards in the area it needed to add a non-ferrous warehouse.  So in 1986, with the help of John Greenleaf, who had owned his own yard in Flicksville, PA.  Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. then began buying non-ferrous metals and after many years of hard work became a top buyer of non-ferrous metals in the area.

In 1995, after years of growth and competition always fierce for buying scrap material to process,  Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. added a roll-off dumpster/container business for commercial businesses that  produce scrap metal.  In the beginning, it was very tough to obtain dumpster/container customers but after some time Einfalt was able to pick up some customers.  Today, Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. provides dumpster/container service for scrap metal to over 75 businesses in the Lehigh Valley, Poconos, and western New Jersey.
Presently, Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. still purchases and processes scrap for resell on the same principles since its start in business.  Being fair and honest to its customers.  When Dennis first started into business way back in 1969 he wanted to only do it one way.  Fair and Honest.  Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. will continue to do business this way as his children, Abby and Lewis,  take Einfalt Recycling & Salvage, Inc. & Salvage, Inc. into the future and continue to make Einfalt the top scrap metal recycling yard in the Lehigh Valley.